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Digital Strategy, Branding, Design & Development
Founded in Berlin  |  2015
The Agency Setup

We have a presence in Berlin, Mumbai and Michigan. Straddling three continents and multiple time zones allows us to provide seamless service around the clock. That’s right – our office is always open!

Our Team

Our team is an eclectic mix of committed people from the digital and advertising fields. This means a full-service bouquet from brand consultancy – both offline and online – to digital design and development.

Clients & Work

Our clientele is quite widespread – from Germany, USA, Canada to India. In the considerably short time we have been active, we have a large number of completed projects.
Please write to us for our portfolio or a video call as our NDAs with most clients do not permit us to post work on public platforms.

Talking Heads

Words from the Core Team

” It was a rewarding journey through adland – BBDO, Saatchi, Y&R in India, USA, Germany, and Africa – until the digital bug bit me a decade ago. After diving into it in the agencies for a few years, I decided to do it on my own along with my business partner in India. Brand strategy is my love. Am based in Berlin, but being a digital nomad at heart travel-and-work is always the big lure. 

Sanjay Dev Jena - Strategy

 Design has been and still is my passion. It started early as an art director for print. Moving through branding and UI/UX for enterprise in India, Dubai and Africa, and a deep dive into technology, am now fully into our digital agency unit in Mumbai. The work is exciting and the teamwork across time-zones amazing. And, involvement with nonprofits is an important part of my life.

Sunil Gajakosh - Digital

” I’m a fixer – whether it’s identifying pain points in a user’s journey, or brainstorming ways to make complex data simple for users through strategic UI design – I enjoy the process of creative problem-solving. With over 18 years as a multidisciplinary designer in corporate, agency and small business settings, I’m a “Jill of all trades” when it comes to digital strategy. Am based in the USA. 

Ashley Rossi - Design

 Very briefly: Am based in Berlin, and haven’t continent-hopped like the guys. Love staring passionately at codes on the screen. And don’t like the wordplay in my role description. 

Koka - Agency Mascat

What We Do


If your specific requirement does not feature in the offerings above or more details are needed, please email us and we will get back to you promptly. Portfolio available on request.


It is certainly Advantage > You
When our strengths benefit you 

Advantage > You

Advantage > Speed: Two major reasons why we are much faster at project turnarounds. The experience of our team is one. The other is our smart system of relaying work seamlessly across the time-zones we are located in. It means many more hours to your work day!
Advantage > Savings: Budgets matter, and we totally understand that. Our configuration enables us to produce excellent work at very reasonable rates. Our clients typically save up to 50% working with us. And that can be a nice thing!.
Advantage > Accessibility: Our multi-time-zone setup allows us to be reachable, whenever you want from wherever you are. It ensures quick action and peace of mind. What's more - we are available for continued support even after your project is long over.

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